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We check out the Hoover F6215-900 SteamVac Agility Carpet Cleaner

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The Hoover F6215-900 SteamVac Agility carpet cleaning machine is one of the newer models from Hoover and it is really easy to use and comes with useful features like a removable tool caddy with hand powered tools. Five SpinScrub brushes to reach into the deep fibers of your carpets to gently loosen dirt and remove stubborn stains. A great bonus the Hoover SteamVac Agility comes fully assembled and ready to use. All you need to do is add detergent and water and plug it in. Being light the SteamVac Agility is easy to manoeuvre and handle allowing you to clean every corner of your home. Thos Hoover is equipped for pretty heavy-duty cleaning, the removable side-by-side tanks are easy to fill and ensure that dirty water and clean water always remain separate. The cleaning detergent and water are heated by forced air not only providing for deeper clean but a speedier drying process as well.

Hoover F6215-900 SteamVac Agility Features

  1. Comes fully assembled and ready to use once detergent and water have been added
  2. Lightweight, manoeuvrable, deep carpet cleaner with convenient folding handle
  3. Low-profile hood for hard-to-reach areas;
  4. Removable, easy-to-fill side-by-side water tanks
  5. Clean Surge; 5 exclusive SpinScrub brushes; removable tool caddy with powered hand tools

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Hoover F6215-900 Reviews

Let’s start with the negatives. The fact that it is lightweight doesn’t always work in its favour and its cleaning of longer pile carpets is a little less convincing. The short length annoys some as it means they have to move the machine from plug to plug. Others feel the machine is too loud. Yet still others say that it is very cumbersome to clean the machine. Taking it apart and putting it back together is difficult. Possibly the main disadvantage is the water tank size if you have  alarge floopr area you are going to be topping up that tank quite often.

To one reviewer she felt like the product lived up to its claims.The SteamVac Agility successfully cleaned all the cat hair, dust and dirt that covered her carpets and floors at an affordable price.
On the other hand the Agility is very straightforward to operate, and the water tank is easy to remove, fill and snap back in place. One couple, who had been using a Kenmore carpet cleaner for years, switched to the Agility. The Kenmore was outperformed. For them, the hand-held power brush attachment was essential. The Steam cleaner was more agile than the Kenmore as well. Overall reviewers are positive and claim this product as functional and reliable.

The Good
  • Comes ready assembled
  • Lightweight and very easy to use
  • Low profile hood
  • Backed by Hoovers warrenty and after sales service
The Bad
  • Small water tank
  • Cord could be longer
  • No onboard water heater

We generally like  Hoover cleaning machines and rate the Hoover F6125-900  as a pretty safe choice for day to day  carpet cleaning but with the proviso that you might need something more powerful for older and longer pile carpets or ingrained pet stains.

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