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Shark Navigator Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Review

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When it comes to upright bagless vacuum cleaners, you have probably never heard of the Shark Navigator
which is made by Euro-Pro. This relatively unknown company is making a big impact on the world of home vacuum systems and offers a great line of products.

The Shark Navigator is one of their most popular models. This lightweight, cost effective bagless canister upright vacuum provides limitless suction and is very easy to use. It doesn’t matter what you are cleaning – the Shark Navigator will take care of it!

Shark Navigator Features:

–    Bagless design for easy use – don’t waste another dollar on expensive vacuum bags. The Shark Navigator uses a well designed bagless canister system that makes emptying waste a snap!

–    Intelligent, ergonomic design – the Shark Navigator is extremely lightweight and is designed with comfort in mind. You won’t be sore after using the Shark Navigator for an extended period of time.

–    Self cleaning filter – by using infinity technology, the Shark Navigator keeps dirt from clogging the filter, allowing it to never lose suction!

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Check out this infomercial video for a better appreciation of the Shark navigator.

The Shark Navigator Reviews:

When you are dealing with companies that aren’t quite as popular as some of their competitors, it is important to read relevant reviews to get a true sense of quality. Most of the reviews for the Shark Navigator stated it was a winner!

The main thing that everyone loved about the Shark Navigator was the “never loses suction” promise that Euro-Pro makes. When a vacuum company states this, it is usually just a sales tactic. But, in the case of the Shark Navigator, it seems to be true. It will pick up almost anything you put in front of it, and the bagless design makes it easy to dump the waste when you are done cleaning. As another plus, you don’t have to spend any money on vacuum bags!

There are two main areas that people experienced problems with the Shark Navigator – quality and customer service. Now, many of the positive reviews stated how well this vacuum was designed and how well the customer service team treated their concerns, so these may be isolated incidents. But, it is still important to address them. In reference to the quality issues, for a vacuum at this price point, the quality is unbeatable. Sure, it is not as durable as a $500 vacuum, but it costs a fraction of that – you have to have realistic expectations. You can’t expect a bulletproof vacuum cleaner that never breaks and is bulletproof for this price. On the customer service issue – it doesn’t matter what product or company you are dealing with, you will have some people that just can’t be pleased. There were many comments about positive experiences with customer service, so you will have to form your own opinion on this issue.

If you are looking for a powerful upright vacuum cleaner that doesn’t cost a lot of money and haven’t found something from the bigger manufacturers that satisfy your needs, you should have a look at the Shark Navigator. The Shark Navigator may not be exactly what everyone is looking for, but by no means should it be ignored!

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