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Miele Neptune Canister Vacuum Cleaner, S4212 Neptune S4 Review

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When you think of the name Miele and the Miele Neptune Canister Vacuum Cleaner
, you think of quality, precision and innovation. There is no other canister vacuum cleaner system on the market today that even comes close to doing what the Miele Neptune does.

With its powerful 1200 watt motor, incredible flexibility and useful attachments, you will be able to tackle any cleaning job with ease. You will wonder how you ever did any cleaning without it!

Miele Neptune Canister Vacuum Cleaner Features:

–    Vortex motor system – the way in which the Miele Neptune is designed makes it easy to use without the common problem of back strain or any kind of bodily pain. Some would even go as far as saying cleaning with the Miele Neptune is an enjoyable experience!

–    1200 watts of power – the Miele Neptune is powerful enough to pick up almost anything you will find in your house. From pet hair to dust and even dirt, the Miele Neptune will suck it up with no effort!

–    Useful attachments – the Miele Neptune features many useful attachments that make cleaning the small, hard to reach places in your home simple!

Check out this useful informational video on the Miele Neptune below:

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The Miele Neptune Canister Vacuum Cleaner Reviews:

Miele is one of the most highly regarded names when it comes to premium vacuum cleaners, so it was expected that most of the reviews for the Miele Neptune would be positive. This held true…

One of the main points that everyone is looking for in a high quality vacuum is a lot of suction power, and the Miele Neptune doesn’t disappoint. Most of the reviews stated how strong the suction power on this vacuum was and how well it picked up everything in its path. Most people also commented on the impressive build quality – when you see this vacuum, you can tell that it is built to last!

There were also a few negative points presented about the Miele Neptune, though. One of the main things mentioned was the instability of the base. It seems as though it is a little top heavy and it will tip over quite easily. This is not that big of a deal, though – the case is very durable and nothing will get damaged. It is just a little inconvenient. Likewise, the cord that is attached to the Miele Neptune seemed a little short, but this is nothing an extension cord couldn’t fix. You will find that the cords on most vacuum systems are quite short, so this is nothing to be too concerned about. Finally, the brushes that are included are very hard to clean. They will pick up the dust and hair off the floor, but then you have to remove them from the brush by yourself.

While the Miele Neptune is a little higher in the price range, it does offer many benefits that make its price well worth it. When you buy items like this, you can’t just look at the price, you have to look at the value it delivers. When speaking of the Miele Neptune, you won’t find a better value anywhere!

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