Saturday, January 20, 2018

Wiss Carpet, Upholstery and Fabric Shears / Scissors

1225N Style: Len.:10″, Cutting Len.:4 3/4″, Handle Color:Black This item features: -Finest cutlery steel. -One blade is ground to knife-edge for faster, cleaner, easier cutting of synthetic fibers. -Hot drop-forged polished blades. -Patented SET-EASY pivot. -Red Cushion Grip handles found on 20WP and 22WP provide maximum comfort. -Finest quality cutlery steel. -Thicker, heavy blades cut through multiple layers and tough material. -Cut Type: Shear Cut. -Material: Stainless Steel. -Finish: Polish. -Handle Type: Bent. -Type: Scissors/Shear. -Style: Len.:10”, Cutting Len.:4 3/4”, Handle Color:Black – Price is for Each. -Style: Len.:12”, Cutting Len.:6 1/8”, Handle Color:Black – Price is for Each. Len. = Overall Length

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