Saturday, January 20, 2018

Joe Campanelli’s Stain Remover Professional Formula

GoVacuum offers a 100% money back guarantee on this product. If your stain does not come out, you may return it,(as long as the bottle is 3/4 full) for a full money back refund. This product is a powerful carpet stain and spot remover. It is designed for instant cleaning. Contains no chlorinated solvents, which might soften carpet backing. Although product will not harm most surfaces, it is recomended that the surface be tested for color fastness prior to using. To test for color fastness, spray small aread of surface in a hidden or out of the way spot and let dry. If color is affected, do not use. Directions: Remove cap and insert sprayer. Point opening of sprayer towards spot or stain. If spot contains some solid matter, remove as much as possible before application of this product. Apply in short bursts using undiluted product allowing penetration of spot or stain. The use of a soft brislted brush in a circular motion may help remove stubborn stains. Let solution sit on stain for 60 seconds, then blot up with a clean cloth. For older stains, let solution sit for 4-5 minutes. You might have to repeat process for really old stains.

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