Saturday, January 20, 2018

Royal Procision 7910 Carpet Extractor

The Royal Procision carpet extractor has two suction nozzles, not just one like other extractors. That means dirty water never has a chance to soak into your carpet so you get a drier, cleaner carpet. PLUS, it has TWO revolving brushes that rotate in opposite directions so your carpet gets cleaned from all sides. Switches in the handle turn the power, soap dispenser, and revolving brushes on and off with the touch of a finger. Royal Procision has a separate soap dispenser that automatically measures the correct amount of soap and mixes it with clean water, so there’s no more guessing about the right amount to use. Because the soap is separate from the clean water, you can turn the soap dispenser off to rinse the carpet you’ve just shampooed. A clean water rinse removes sticky soap residue that can attract new dirt more quickly, and it’s easy to do with Precision. The clean and dirty water tanks are easy to fill and empty, making your work go faster. Plus, Precision’s dirty water reservoir is larger so you don’t have to waste time running back and forth frequently to empty it.


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  1. alex owena says:

    My vacuum at least every Sunday i used to clean & not yet had to change mine for somewhat a year! the indicated are so worth it! i enjoy my vacuum and i enjoy the indicated heap bags! they truly are brilliant and i intend to be purchasing!

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