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Hoover WindTunnel Anniversary Upright Vacuum, Self-Propelled,

Keeping The Standard For Clean Set On HIGH™, Hoover powers the dirt up and out! The Anniversary Edition WindTunnel® Self-Propelled Bagged Upright, delivers superior cleaning performance with excellent filtration, and is rated #1 for upright vacuum ratings and reliability in a report by a leading consumer magazine.


Equipped with patented WindTunnel technology, this bagged upright vacuum delivers powerful, deep-cleaning performance. The self-propelled unit offers nearly effortless maneuverability in both forward and reverse. Three distinct air channels lift and trap dirt, keeping it from scattering back into the carpet so dirt ends up in the cleaner not on the floor.

The Embedded DirtFinder™ sensor stays red as long as you’re removing dirt from carpet and floors. The Self-Propelled action makes vacuuming effortless whether going forward or in reverse. Once you have vacuumed all of the dirt and debris, you will be alerted by the changing of the sensor from red to green.

The unit also traps 99.97-percent of dust and pollens down to 0.3 microns in size thanks to its HEPA media bag. Even more, it provides a deluxe stretch hose, a complete on-board tool set for above-floor cleaning, and a pet-hair tool with rotating brushes that effectively remove stubborn pet hair and dirt from upholstery and carpeted stairs.

Other thoughtful details include non-marring wheels with bearings for lower push effort on carpet and safe use on bare floors, custom cleaning controls for moving from carpet to bare floors with ease, and an ergonomic D-grip handle for added comfort and control. The cleaner also comes with fingertip on/off power control, five-position height adjustment, edge-cleaning bristles, a headlight, and a 31-foot power cord. The vacuum cleaner measures 13 by 15 by 43 inches and carries a three-year limited warranty.

Product Features

Self-Propelled – makes vacuuming effortless whether going forward or in reverse

WindTunnel® technology – removes embedded dirt1 and minimizes blowback or scatter on carpet

Intuitive Power Controls- conveniently positioned where they should be – right at your fingertips

Type Y Bag made with HEPA media – HEPA Media filters and traps 99.97% of dust and pollens down to 0.3 microns

Fabulous Filtration – air passes through filters after leaving the bag and before it leaves the vacuum, so you can breathe easy

Bag Check Indicator – tells you when to replace the bag for optimal performance

Headlight – illuminates dark corners and areas under furniture for thorough cleaning

Embedded DirtFinder™ – sensor turns green when no more dirt is being removed from your carpet or floors

3 Position Carpet Height Adjustment – adjust as needed to clean all flooring types easily and efficiently

Custom Cleaning Control – move from carpet to bare floors with ease

29′ Power Cord – vacuum a large room without re-plugging

No Scuff Bumper – protects furniture when you can’t be as careful as you’d like

Edge Cleaning Bristles – removes dirt up against edges

Limited 3-year warranty


On-Board Tools:

• Air-Powered Hand Tool – puts the toughest cleaning power in the palm of your hand

• 2 Extension Wands – lock together to extend reach of the hose

• Crevice Tool – helps clean nooks and crannies

• Upholstery Tool – helps get furniture clean

• Dusting Brush – for molding, shelving, lampshades and more


The 29’ power cord combined with an extra-long cleaning hose and multiple extending tools allow maximum reach so you are able to vacuum stairs without lugging a heavy vacuum

The adjustable brushroll has three positions to accommodate multiple carpet heights as well as bare floors

The embedded Dirt Finder sensor alerts you to areas with hidden dirt and debris with a red light, and will change back to green once cleaning is complete

This vacuum is self-propelled, so you get maximum deep-cleaning of your carpets without experiencing the weight of a heavy vacuum—this unit does the hard labor for you

Multiple tools give a perfect match to each of your cleaning challenges, including our air powered hand tool which gives superior cleaning wherever you need it

Hoover WindTunnel Anniversary Upright Vacuum, Self-Propelled, Bagged, U6485900


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