Saturday, January 20, 2018

Euroflex Monster Floor Steam Cleaner EZ1 Red

The only steam mop with front steam jets – cleans right up to the edge of the room, ideal for vertical corners, stair risers and kitchen baseboards. Also useful for pre- treating stains.

The compact structure and curved reclining handle is very handy and efficient. Monster floor can easily reach into difficult corners and under furniture.

The carpet sledge simply clips on to the base of the monster floor. The Microfibre carpet pad is trapped inside the sledge. With the sledge fitted the monster floor just glides over rugs and carpets with very little effort. The carpet pad will pick up surface grime, and the steam loosens the grit, animal hairs and ground-in dirt which can then be vacuumed away as the super hot dry steam leaves the carpet dry in a few minutes.


One Response to “Euroflex Monster Floor Steam Cleaner EZ1 Red”
  1. These machines are great for the home to take care of spills and smaller jobs. This particular unit is the one we use in our home. We love this thing!

    If you have bigger areas that need to be cleaned, it’s best to call a professional to do the job. Professional equipment and technicians always know how to do the big jobs the best.

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