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Carpet Express C4 Remanufactured Carpet Steam Cleaner Like Rug

his Rug Doctor Style Carpet Cleaner is a ‘steam’ carpet extractor for cleaning carpet, upholstery, vehicle, RV & boat interiors, plus more. This machine does NOT have a heater. It uses HOT tap water. This machine is made in the USA by Carpet Express® whose principal owner co-founded the Rug Doctor® in 1973. The 33 years of industry experience is evident in the design, quality & dependability that you will notice with this machine.
Our Experience with the Carpet Express C4 Low Moisture Machine!
When we put this machine out in our rental stores, our customers preferred this low moisture machine over the other brands of carpet cleaners we offered. Some of our stores even requested that we pick the others up!
User Serviceable Components
The user serviceable components (Pump, Vacuum, Brush Motor), should you need to repair anything after the warranty, are easily accessible from your local vacuum supply store. If not, we are always willing to provide you with reasonably priced replacement items. Should you take a look “under the hood”, the first thing you will notice is all the major components are in one convenient location. This puts the vacuum and solution pump, very close to the working area.
Powerful Components in better location than the other guys…
The main difference in this Carpet Express C4 a Rug Doctor Style Machine, is the vacuum motor location. It is in the bottom of the unit, close to the suction pick-up opening in the front. In some others, it is in the top, alot further from the suction opening, reducing the efficency of the vacuum motor. Therefore, more solution is recovered resulting in a drier fabric with less residue left in the carpet (which encourages faster resoiling).
Low Moisture System just works better!
Because the low moisture system dispenses less solution to begin with & the vacuum extracts more of that solution —– you benefit from a carpet that dries sooner & contains less detergent residue, so it stays cleaner, longer.

Carpet Express C4 Remanufactured Carpet Steam Cleaner Like Rug Doctor

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